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"Maurice" Bespoke 1 of 1 BOYBEADS Blackamoor Pearl Pendant African King 18k gold on 18" Black Tourmaline Necklace


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Such a beautiful vintage blackamoor pendant marked 18k gold. Unbranded but looks like a Corletto. Pendant is vintage from 1960s.

Vintage 18K Large Italian Curly Hair Azabache Blackamoor Pendant. This is a family heirloom and a traditional piece. Families place azabache on children at birth because Ebony is believed to amplify magnetic energy and provide protection against the Evil Eye. This piece is somewhat comparable in height to a U.S Quarter. This style of Italian interpretation of African beauty is called Moretti (Blackamoor in the U.S. and the U.K.) and its origins date back to sixteenth century Italy. Moretti is a respected part of Italian jewelry making and has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s still part of today’s culture and legacy and extends to Latin and Caribbean culture. It’s comparable to the Cameo jewelry of the Victorian era - the craftmanship and elegance conveys love of beauty and the desire to capture that beauty in art. The ebony wood is a symbol of power, purity, protection, balance, and luck.


The custom necklace is brand new never worn in 18" black tourmaline in size 4mm faceted beads with gold filled lobster clasp and accents. The pendant cannot be removed from the necklace and worn separately. It is locked onto the necklace. Must replace current bale with larger bale to interchange pendants.

4mm beads are small, lightweight and make a very subtle statement of elegance and refinement.

Pendant measures about 1.25" excluding bale.

Care Instructions:

Please protect your Boybeads necklace from water, rough surfaces and always handle with care. Store your jewelry in a jewelry box away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.