Thor's Hammer

Thor's hammer pendant made of solid 316L stainless steel representing the Mjollnir hammer used by the God Thor to protect Asgard from the giants who wished to destroy it in Norse mythology. It was said that thunder was the sound of Thor's hammer crashing down on the evil giants.

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HBD Libra

Libra, everything you touch turns to gold! Your energy is luxurious, graceful and pleasant. You have the natural gift of seeing the beauty in anything and bringing that beauty into the light. You know how to live large, even when you have a small budget. You create paradise wherever you are and you share that paradise with others around you.

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Celebrating Libra

Your high standards inspire others to raise theirs to match you. You make people, even strangers, feel comfortable so they open their hearts to you and tell you everything- sometimes more than you care to know. There is a trustworthiness visible in you that calls out to those in need of a friend. Libra, don't ever change! The world needs you.

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Wearable Art

Our beaded jewelry doubles as wearable art in motion that you carry on your person throughout the day. Art isn't just for walls.

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