"Brad 6mm" BOYBEADS Purple Amethyst Bracelet Gift for Men


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Brad is so much fun to be around that everyone flocks to him. He likes to entertain and throws a lot of parties at his place. Brad pop bottles, has photoshoots, and celebrity guests to wow his friends. Don't get on his bad side, or find yourself uninvited to the next shindig. 

Amethyst was worn by ancient Greeks for protection from drunkenness, evil thoughts, homesickness and dark magic. Some people prefer wearing amethyst for meditation and even place stones under their pillows to prevent nightmares. 

Colors- The colors violet and purple are associated with spirituality, transformation, determination, insight and peace. in many ancient cultures, this color was only to be worn by royals and the very wealthy partially due to the difficulty in finding dye for fabrics. 

Zodiac: Pisces- Amethyst brings clarity to the unconscious and conscious mind of Pisces.

Chakra: Crown- increases confidence and concentration, especially during meditation.

Materials: 6mm amethyst, stainless steel accent