BOYBEADS "Gibbons" Small 6mm matte black onyx + lapis lazuli handmade bracelet

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BOYBEADS "Gibbons" Small 6mm matte black onyx + lapis lazuli handmade bracelet

Gibbons is full of life and overflowing with ambition. He believes in miracles and he never gives up on a goal. Gibbons' dedication to his aspirations always leads to positive results. He is very successful and a generous donor to charitable organizations of his liking. He is extremely pleasant company and frequently receives invitations to dinners and events. 6MM (very small) matte black onyx beads and very high quality bright blue lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. Handmade to order in New York.

*6mm beads are very small, lightweight, and pair very well with watches. Although the beads are small in appearance, please do not underestimate their great value. Their construction requires almost twice as much time and precision as a similar bracelet with 10mm beads. While a 7.5" 10mm bracelet only requires 19 beads, a 7.5" 6mm bracelet requires 32 beads to be placed individually and drilled with a power drill before being securely sealed for optimum durability.


*Gibbons lapis is the bracelet in the first photo. The second photo shows Gibbons paired with Devin III, which is sold separately.

No two will look exactly the same as each lapis bead is entirely unique. 


Lapis is among the most prized semi-precious natural stones mostly found in Afghanistan. This dark blue specimen has beautiful and completely random inclusions of pyrite (gold specs) and calcite (white specs) formed on each lapis bead.  This luxurious blue stone from Afghanistan stimulates enlightenment while releasing stress and bringing deep inner peace. Lapis harmonizes the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. It encourages self-awareness, creativity and self-expression. Lapis bonds relationships and is believed to alleviate migraines and depression.