Our Winter 2019 collection celebrates mystical tiger's eye. Tiger's eye has its name because the stone resembles an eye- shimmering and bright. Tiger's eye has been effective in lifting depression and promoting concentration. 

Did you think tiger's eye was just the same old banded brown chalcedony you've already seen everywhere? Well, there's much more to tiger's eye than that! Different colors of chalcedony symbolize different things and can have wonderful effects in your life. 

Tiger's eye combines the energy of the earth and the sun to create balance and grounding while stimulating the rise of kundalini energy and balancing the lower chakras. 

Blue- Calming and stress relieving; calms high sex drive
Brown- Mental focus and attention to detail; Reason over emotion
Red- Stimulating; overcoming lethargy; speeds up metabolism and increases low sex drive
Green- Friendship, openness, freedom, harmony, detoxification, prosperity



It is a member of the quartz family with chemical composition SiO2 + FeOOH


Tiger's eye is effective on the naval and solar plexus chakras.


Tiger's eye is effective for all zodiac signs, but particularly Virgo. The stone lightens the burdens of Virgo's daily life and helps them to be less of a perfectionist.