"Verner" BOYBEADS 10mm Light Green Verdite/African Jade beaded bracelet for men

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 Meet Verner, a new bracelet composed of rare light green African jade beads throughout. As you know, most African jade beads are dark green with a little banding. However, on each 15" strand of jade, there is usually 1 bead that has the light green hue featured on Verner. This coloring is due to the environmental conditions in which the beads were formed and this is completely up to Mother Nature to decide. 

Made with 10mm natural green African jade beads, single gold hematite bead, optional logo. If you do not like gold hematite or logo, please leave a note at checkout requesting their removal. 

The beads on this bracelet are not perfectly uniform in color. The nature of the stone has variations in color, brightness and composition. That is what makes it unique and such a treasure.  Handmade in our New York studio.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

Energy: Zest for life, intuition, spiritual connection

Location: Zimbabwe, South Africa

Color: opaque; medium to dark green with tiny brown inclusions

Limited Edition of 10


Read more about Verner on out blog here- http://boybeads.blogspot.com/2018/06/verner-verrry-special-bracelet-african.html