"Ujamaa Gold" BHM 10mm Charity NMAAHC Green Nephrite, Black Onyx Bead Bracelet for Guys

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Ujamaa in Swahili means extended familyhood or brotherhood. It was the idea of Julius Nyerere's economic development plan for Tanzania after it gained independence from Britain in 1961. Today, we often think of Ujamaa as cooperative economics, or building communities where locals provide everything that is needed for that community to survive and prosper economically. This would include building our own stores and businesses to support ourselves and our communities. The idea lives on today and thrives in many communities throughout the world. 

Celebrate Black History Month all year long with a custom bracelet from our limited Black History Month Collection. Each bracelet is inspired by the Pan-African flag in rich hues of green nephrite, hematite, red howlite and black onyx. This collection is not only for black and brown people- anyone of any background is welcome to stand in support of your black and brown brothers and sisters in our continued quest for justice and equality in America and around the world.

So much has been gained over the decades, yet so much has been lost. As friends and customers from around the world email/zoom/message me with news of earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes, civil unrest and uncertainty concerning the future, it becomes more imperative to live each day in gratitude, in love and in a spirit of hope for a positive future for ourselves and for the world.

Where do we go from here? What is the future of planet Earth? I have no answer for these queries, but I do know that I will do my small part in creating a more positive future for myself and for our planet. How about you?

*Charity Collection* $10 from the sale of each bracelet will donated to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

BOYBEADS makes monthly donations to several charitable organizations around the country. $10 is donated from the sale of each bracelet in our charity collection. Your purchase of any bracelet from our charity collection will directly benefit good causes and help us make a positive difference in the world.

Color Symbolism

Black- represents the blackness and fertility of our lands and soil, the blackness of space, and the blackness of our skin.

Red- represents the shared blood of those living and passed on who fight for liberation and equality.

Green- represents fertility, wealth, growth and prosperity.

Silver/Gold Hematite- Grounding, stability, wealth