"Tori" HIV/AIDS Awareness Charity 10mm red/orange sponge coral handmade beaded bracelet


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Charity Collection to benefit GMHC Health Clinic. $10 from the sale of each bracelet will be donated to HIV testing, education and prevention.

Or, you may choose to donate directly via this link: https://www.gmhc.org


Red coral, brass crown in silver or gold tone, hematite.

Sponge coral is a beautiful and uncommon form of coral. It is not solid red but has small specks of beige included. This is a very unique form of natural coral that forms in the deep waters of the ocean. Red coral is actually the skeleton of sea creatures called polyps that lived thousands of years ago and sank to the ocean floor to decompose. 

Chakra: Root

Energy: Improves intuition. Promotes spiritual wellness. This stone cleanses the blood and promotes tissue growth. Found in Australia, Japan and Africa. 

Read more about sponge coral here: https://www.jewelexi.com/gemstones/sponge-coral