"Theo" BOYBEADS 6mm red brown blue tiger eye trio small bead bracelet


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Theo is bookish and spends most of his time studying the classics with a fine tooth comb. He is a stickler for minute details who can read between the lines better than anyone you know.

About 6mm Beads

6mm beads are very small, lightweight, and pair very well with watches. Although the beads are small in appearance, please do not underestimate their great value. Their construction requires almost twice as much time and precision as a similar bracelet with 10mm beads. This is why labor time and costs are more for these items. While a 7.5" 10mm bracelet only requires 19 beads, a 7.5" 6mm bracelet requires 32 beads to be placed individually and drilled with a power drill before being securely sealed for optimum durability. This is why our 6mm bracelets and necklaces often cost more than their 8mm and 10mm counterparts.

About This Bracelet

Bead Size: 6mm

Bead Material: Tiger Eye Trio, Stainless steel Accent