"Skully" 6mm Sodalite Handmade Necklace for Guys BOYBEADS

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Bespoke 1 of 1 necklace handmade in USA.

6mm blue sodalite beads with sterling silver lobster clasp Measures 25". Pendant may be removed and interchanged.

1" cigar smoking skull in top hat stainless steel pendant



Sodalite boosts intuition and gives you the confidence to trust yourself and to make good decisions in life. Sodalite also increases creativity and is excellent for artists and creatives or anyone who needs inspiration to create content. It is a peaceful stone that is also helpful in decreasing electromagnetic pollution and radiation.

Would you like to add a pendant to your necklace? Email us at details@boybeads.com to request a photo of currently available pendant options.


925 sterling silver 15mm x 10mm lobster clasp, 49 strand jewelers steel wire to withstand 40 pounds of weight or force.