"Shakur" BOYBEADS 10mm Natural Blue Lapis Lazuli, Brass crown, Peach Jade Bead Bracelet for Men

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Shakur s made to order in NYC for each customer. We use high quality lapis lazuli, turquoise, peach jade and brass.

Our Autumn 2019 collection celebrates the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer.

Handmade in NYC with 12mm peach jade enclosed in gold-plated brass crown,  deep blue lapis lazuli with a semi-glossy finish, turquoise and gold hematite accent at rear. This lapis is not high gloss, but it is not matte either. Most prized of all semi-precious gemstones. Sourced from Afghanistan. This lapis has unique patterns of natural gold (pyrite) and white (calcite) specs of stone throughout in random formations.