"Saul" Amazonite pebbled stone, palm wood, brass bracelet for men

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"Saul" Bracelet of the Month Amazonite pebbled stone, palm wood, brass bracelet for men

Yep, Saul is a nature lover who lives in a small eco-friendly sustainable community in a town you've never heard of. Saul chose this lifestyle after a tiresome childhood in the world's most congested and polluted city. He promised himself to get far away from the city lifestyle, and that's exactly what he did! Saul's new best friend is the raccoon who helps himself to leftovers in the outside trash area.

A single palm wood bead is added to support the root chakra and for emotional and physical grounding.

Tumbled stones, Irregular in shape. Natural, not dyed.

Please be aware that the bracelet is darker and more green than it appears in the photo. This stone is NOT blue.  The true color is difficult to capture on camera. This Amazonite is from Brazil and is believed to protect the wearer from electromagnetic pollution. It is helpful to anyone who uses bluetooth, cell phones, microwaves or devices that transmit radio signals. It soothes emotional trauma and balances mascuine and feminine energies in the body.

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Virgo  

Read more about this stone here: https://www.healingcrystals.com/Amazonite_Articles_140.html