"Sagittarius Energy" 11/23-12/21 Zodiac Custom Multi-Crystal bead bracelet guys


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Sagittarius- November 23- December 21

Ruling Planet- Jupiter

Element- Fire

Quality- Mutable


When I think of Sagittarius, these are some of the words that first come to mind: sexy, intelligent, radiant, generous, responsible, prosperous, knowledge, positivity, perfectionist, criterion, benchmark, judgement, justice, fixed, occult.

Sag are some of my favorite people, so I have a lot to say. Let's start with this- they are very sure of themselves and have strong views and opinions. They will share the truth at any cost and they are incredibly intense people. If you can't take the heat, please stay away!

A well-balanced Sagittarius is someone you won't miss in any room! They glow and radiate positivity from head to toe. These people are connected with the source and they have plenty of everything to go around. Sagittarians do not suffer from lack mentality as they are convinced of the abundance of the universe. Should they need something, they must simply ask and the path will clear. These are some of the most generous people you will ever know- they give big gifts and expect nothing in return. Remember, they are abundant, so there's no need for hoarding their gifts/wealth for themselves.

Sag people live life to the fullest and absolutely must experience everything for themselves. Sagittarians will not live vicariously through others- they must have firsthand experiences, as their zest for thrilling adventures and experiences is unquenchable. Although they have high standards for themselves, they realize that others have their own destiny and will not push too hard in any direction. However, they hate to see people unhappy, unfulfilled or depressed. Sag will do anything in their power to uplift others and to be the light in times of darkness.

Sag people are intellectuals who crave mental stimulation and love learning something new. Please don't attempt small empty talk with them- they may shut it down immediately. They are verrrrry deep people with constant internal debates going on that may not be visible from the surface. They contemplate the very nature of life, the reason for existence, the supernatural, the occult, the journey of souls, etc. Don't ask a Sag a good question if you don't have at least a few minutes to dive into the answer- remember, things are complicated and there are no easy answers.

 If you want the attention of a Sag, first, be sure that you are a person of substance and have something interesting to say. Sag people think a lot of themselves and will not entertain just anyone. If you are chosen, consider it a big compliment! Appeal to their curiosity and ask questions. They have a lot to say and love a listening ear, so just be quiet and take notes. Thank me later!

You don’t have to be born under the sign of Sagittarius to tap into the energy of those who are. Check your birth chart to see where you have Sagittarius energy. If you find yourself in need of these good vibes, wear your Sagittarius energy bracelet to strengthen your own connection to these qualities and energies within you. 

Energy: Healing Gemstones and Crystals. Schreiber. 2003 pp. 43

This bracelet has a lot of blue- representative of enlightenment, creativity and water. 

Lapis Lazuli helps Sag open the throat chakra and share aspirations/dreams/plans with others. It also helps Sag find a partner to share love and adventure with

Dumorteorite reinforces his positive qualities and teaches sag to relate to others with tolerance and patience

Hematite is grounding and stabilizing for Sag

Amethyst encourages Sag to trust his instincts and not to doubt himself.

Turquoise combines the blue of the heavens and the green of the earth.It represents harmony, balance and sacred friendship.  

Aventurine enhances all of the positive qualities of Sag. It strengthens his inner cheerfulness and positivity


Made to order in USA with 10mm lapis lazuli, dark blue dumortieorite, raw turquoise charm set in goldtone brass, brass roundels, turquoise, green aventurine, amethyst.

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    High quality

    Posted by Donald M on 26th Jan 2022

    Love my bracelet!