"Prince Aruj" 10mm African Turquoise Jasper Crowned Skull blue green natural stone bead bracelet

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Prince Aruj can't really decide whether he wants to be a good guy or a bad guy. He's an evenly distributed combination of both good and evil. Bright blue with dark brown, green and black inclusions, this is a special variety of jasper stone that formed thousands of years ago in Africa.


About African Turquoise

African turquoise is actually a variety of jasper and not in the turquoise family. It gets its name because it looks like turquoise. Known as the "stone of evolution" this is a wonderful stone for manifesting changes in your life. This is a great stone for self-development and growth. It will help you come to peace with your past to better prepare for right now and for the future. In this collection, we pair African turquoise with volcanic lava rock, black onyx, mahogany wood, sponge coral, lapis lazuli, African jade and hematite for an incredibly powerful boost of stability and confidence as we prepare for the changes on our planet as we enter the Age of Aquarius- a 2,000 year zodiacal period of enlightenment. Get ready!

Chakra: Third Eye- Awakens spiritual body; knowledge of self

Source: Africa

Family: Chalcedony 

Made to order in USA with 10mm African jasper beads and stainless steel skull and spacers.