"Prince Ansel" BOYBEADS 10mm Crowned Pink Quartz Light Pink bead bracelet

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Prince Ansel is a vessel of peaceful energy and everyone around him is touched by his presence. People can feel that Ansel is holding a lot of information and they want to pick his brain to find out why he is so pleasant, even when everyone else is falling apart.

Rose quartz is a calming stone that recharges the energy and promotes love, emotional stability and understanding in relationships.

Hematite is grounding and supports the root charka.

Made to order in NYC with 8mm or 10mm natural rose quartz beads, silver-plated alloy crown, silver hematite accent beads, optional logo. This stone is a light pink and translucent- not solid pink. It is known as a stone of love and self-confidence.

Stock photo shows 10mm beads.