"Pisces" BOYBEADS Zodiac Crystal Bead Bracelet for Guys Feb 20-March 20 Aquamarine, Sapphire


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Hi Pisces,

 You are one of the most intriguing and mysterious signs that I have always found difficult to get close to. I love that you are not easy to read and keep us guessing about what’s really going on in your head. You are sensitive to energy and can easily find yourself annoyed, overwhelmed or unsettled due to the frequencies of those around you. For this reason, you may be very selective of who you allow permission in your life. 

There is an application process and there are multiple rounds and levels, so applicants be warned. Just when you think you’ve gained access to a pisces’ inner circle, you may find yourself denied and alone wondering what you did wrong. Pisces may or may not communicate the news of your failure to gain acceptance because they really hate to deliver bad news and they definitely don’t want to cause a scene or uproar. 

 It is imperative that you are in the proper company or else you may suffer unnecessarily due to the negative pull of energy vampires and toxic personalities. These types of people will be drawn to you because YOU ARE THE LIGHT! They need help and they sense that you can offer the help they need. It is imperative that you set firm boundaries with everyone and only give of yourself what you can handle. Your energy is yours and nobody is entitled to it.

I love that Pisces has a big imagination and can be super spontaneous- doing the unexpected on a whim. If you’re with one, keep a bag packed for day trips and stay ready for anything.

You possess the gift of easily reading the energy of others. Are you reading our minds? How much do you know?

 Your worldly life may seem boring to outsiders because they can’t see what you’re doing in the higher spiritual dimensions. You have a higher purpose that keeps you connected to higher thoughts, dreams and feelings that most people just couldn’t understand if you attempted to share with them. Your thoughts may be so elevated that they confuse those around you who are heavily grounded in the human experience. Often times, its best for you to avoid telling others how you feel and to just show them instead. 

 A pisces friend once shared a few lines of prose with me and I barely understood any of it. The lines were long, complex, and full of adverbs that I needed a dictionary to comprehend.  A few lines into the piece, I felt as if I’d become a Disney cartoon character, prancing about aimlessly on a never-ending set and remaining eternally there, living carefree. This poetry really helped me to understand our relationship better from the mind of the pisces. The tone was serious and playful all at once in a way that brought my mind to ease. Is everything just a dream? Is our world just a stage for us to create different scenes and act them out with other characters? Can we really create whatever we want in this life? Asking for a friend…

I love you Pisces! You are a light in a dark place and we all know it. You can never burn out because you are connected to the source and we all want a piece of your energy. But who will make the cut?

With Love,

Sebastian Mitchell 

*** I am not an astrologer; I am simply sharing my experiences with the pisces energies in my life.


10mm aquamarine, amethyst, lapis lazuli, opalite, clear quartz crystal, brass, gold plated hematite, raw sapphire charm dipped in brass


This bracelet is intended to help pisces ground their energy and bring union to the physical and mental realms. Amethyst reminds you of your royal status while giving you strength to open your heart and mind to others without fearing deception. Aquamarine helps pisces to balance the mental and physical and to express their thoughts in the physical world. Lapis lazuli helps pisces to enhance their imagination and to activate the throat chakra to overcome timidity and to use the power of the voice. Opalite enhances your connection to the dream realm while strengthening your intuition. Crystal quartz helps you plan ahead with a clear vision while creating the life you want. Blue sapphire helps pisces grow spiritually and symbolizes loyalty, friendship and divinity.