"My Babe Rose Quartz" 6mm Rose Quartz, Crown BOYBEADS Pink Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Who do you love? 

Our limited edition love bracelets are intended for gifting to someone special in your life. The crystals selected create the energy of strength, balance, love, peace and determination. Gifting this bracelet to yourself is just as powerful as gifting it to a loved one. Singles must first practice self-love in abundance to attract the abundant love of others. 

Tourmaline quartz is a quartz that includes rock crystal and black tourmaline needles.The crystal symbolizes unity and harmony- perfect for gifting a loved one or partner. Tourmaline quartz is believed to balance yin and yang poles, male and female, heaven and earth- opposites meeting in the middle ground.



Each bracelet is made to order in USA  with natural 6mm pink rose quartz, silver or gold plated brass crown in Basquiat style, silver and gold hematite.

Rose quartz is very effective against harmful radiation and is often placed near computers, cell phones and electronics to prevent headaches and eye fatigue.  It stimulates the circulation and increases fertility and sexual energy. It symbolizes unconditional love and trust- making it a wonderful choice for both singles and couples.

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Chakra: Heart

Source: Brazil, Madagascar