"Mad About You" St. Valentine's Day Wolf, 8mm Red Agate, Tigers Eye Bead Bracelet

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Mad About You!

Gift this bracelet to someone you're mad about! Hint: You can gift it to yourself!

FREE Rose Quartz Crystal for Meditation/Setting Intentions with each bracelet purchase.

We chose a mad wolf this Valentine's Day because we love the ferocious methods wolves use to protect their loved ones from danger. They travel in packs with an alpha male and female, young and extended family members. They are a family like any other and will take extreme measures to keep everyone safe. If a family member is injured or killed, the loss could destroy the entire pack.

Who do you care about most in life? Who will you fight to protect? Who will you hunt to feed?


Mad About You!



8mm Red Cherry Jade- signifies passion love, fire, pleasure, confidence

Tiger's Eye- Protection, Safety

Silver Hematite- Root Chakra, grounding, connection 

Black Onyx- Root Chakra, warding off negative emotions and energy