"Larry" 10mm Natural Labradorite, palm wood bracelet for men

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Larry is an old soul who seems to have an answer for everything. Name a book and Larry has read it or at least knows of it. Larry is the friend you call when in need.

Labradorite is a stone of self-awareness, intuition, connection with spiritual realms, spiritual guides, guardian angels and the Divine. It shimmers iridescently in natural light and reflects green and blue. It is often worn for spiritual healing and for preparation for transitions into new dimensions. A single palm wood bead is added to support the root chakra and for emotional and physical grounding.

Tumbled stones, Irregular in shape. Natural, not dyed.

Chakra: Throat, Third eye, Crown

Zodiac: Leo (July 23- August 22)


Read more about this stone here: https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/labradorite