"Kofi" BOYBEADS 10mm Verdite/African Jade, palm wood beaded bracelet for men

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Kofi has a green thumb and surrounds himself with plants. He gave up his apartment in the city for a house out in the country because the house was  built on 5 acres of land. FIVE entire acres for Kofi to cultivate with his vision of a perfect green space. Sold!

Made with 10mm natural green African jade beads, single palm wood accent bead, optional logo. The beads on this bracelet are not perfectly uniform in color. The nature of the stone has variations in color, brightness and composition. That is what makes it unique and such a treasure.  Handmade in our New York studio.

 Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

Energy: Zest for life, intuition, spiritual connection

Location: Zimbabwe

Color: opaque; medium to dark green with tiny brown inclusions