"Koby" BOYBEADS 10mm Red/Brown/Blue Tiger's Eye trip bead bracelet for men handmade NYC

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Koby has three faces! Which one will he show you?

Koby is a master of disguise who enjoys meeting new people and engulfing himself in their energy. He becomes just like them- at least for a few moments. He wants to experience life as others experience it. He wants to walk in their shoes and feel their emotions as if they were his own. Koby meets new friends easily and enjoys people pleasing, if only to prove his own omnipotence. Or, perhaps, he's simply seeking to escape his own routine. Are you Koby? 


Brown tiger's eye is wonderful for healing depression and promoting concentration. It symbolizes unity and leads to increased integrity and autonomy.  Blue tiger's eye is worn to reduce stress, anxiety and to relieve fears. Red tiger's eye comes from South Africa and is well known as a simulator of a more active sex drive. It has superb striped banding and shines brilliantly in natural sunlight. It is believed to build confidence and self esteem.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root, Navel

Made to order in our NYC studio with 10mm red, brown and blue tiger's eye beads, silver hematite.

*Stock photos shows 10mm beads. Also available with 8mm beads.

1 Year Warranty