"Kalan Carnelian " BOYBEADS 10mm Carnelian, Gold Hematite, Dalmatian, Onyx Bracelet Gift for Men

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Kalan is a wild card! You never really know what he will say or do. His moods vary tremendously from hour to hour. Kalan is highly connected to the universe and is therefore greatly influenced by temperature, light, energy and sound. People often think Kalan is rude, but they don't understand that he is extremely sensitive and requires a stable environment to function most effectively.


Made to order in our New York studio with orange carnelian, gold hematite, Dalmatian jasper, matte and polished black onyx, optional BOYBEADS logo. 

Wear your Kalan bracelet with the matte black onyx side facing upwards when you want to be discreet. Wear Kalan with the multi-color side facing upwards when you're going out on the town. Kalan is versatile enough for all occasions and all seasons.