"Joshua" Holiday Collection- 10mm natural white and red howlite bead bracelet for men

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Joshua is a perfect balance of hot, fiery passion and cool, mellow relaxation. He can switch from one to the other at a moment's notice. Joshua is often friendly and modest at the office, but as soon the moon rises, he transforms into his suave character. "All things in moderation" is the principle Joshua lives by.

Are you Joshua? 


Made to order in NYC with white and red howlite and silver/gold hematite combination. We used both silver and gold hematite to make this bracelet more compatible with your other jewelry and wardrobe. Howlite is a natural stone found in USA and Canada primarily known for its calming properties. It is used to decrease stress, anxiety and anger. It appears white and has random inclusions of silver/gray.

White Howlite

The color white symbolizes purity, sincerity, clarity, innocence, truth, and perfection.

Red Howlite

Adding the color red to howlite symbolizes activity, energy, stamina, sexuality and love.