"Hayden 10mm" Orange Carnelian, Blue Lapis Lazuli Stainless steel Beaded Bracelet


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Who is Hayden?

Hayden is a football fanatic and he's not ashamed of it! He lives alone, so his entire home is a man cave filled with sports memorabilia from his favorite teams. Everything has a football theme- even his pickup truck. Hayden loves having the guys over for sports nights and things can get rowdy but its all in good fun.

Are you Hayden?


Made to order in USA for each customer with  10mm carnelian, 10mm lapis lazuli, stainless steel accent bead.


This carnelian is hand-selected for each bracelet choosing only the best carnelian beads. Carnelian is a member of the chalcedony family and is known as a stone of motivation, leadership, courage and stimulation. it reminded the ancient Egyptians of the setting sun with its vibrant, rustic orange hue. Carnelian is one of the oldest protective gemstones in history. The ancient Egyptians wore carnelian to renew the life force vitality and energy. It is a symbol for activity and zest for life. This stone enhances stability and courage. 

Charka: Sacral


Lapis Lazuli

If you can only buy one bracelet in your lifetime, I would recommend one made with lapis lazuli because this stone has such a powerful positive energetic impact on the owner! Lapis lazuli is among the most prized semi-precious natural stones mostly found in Afghanistan. It is a mineral combination of lazurite, calcite, sodalite and pyrite. This luxurious blue stone from Afghanistan stimulates enlightenment while releasing stress and bringing deep inner peace. Lapis harmonizes the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. It encourages self-awareness, creativity and self-expression. Lapis bonds relationships and is believed to alleviate migraines and depression.

Chakra: Activates third eye; balances throat chakra.