"Hamlet" 10mm Red, White Howlite, Black Onyx Made to Order Beaded Bracelet by BOYBEADS NYC


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Hamlet is hot to trot and always ready for good entertainment. He enjoys a good show and never sits in the cheap seats. He loves theatre up close and personal. Find Hamlet on or off Broadway wish tickets you wish you could afford. Are you Hamlet?

Howlite is a very calming stone from the USA that is often placed under the pillow as an antidote to insomnia and the overactive mind. Howlite links into the spiritual dimensions, opening attunement and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insight. It assists journeys out of the body and accessing past lives.

Howlite assists in formulating and achieving ambitions both spiritual and mental. This stone teaches patience and help eliminate anger and rage.

The Crystal Bible. Judy Hall pp 144


Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Most naturally occurring howlite is white in color, but it is often dyed to many other colors. This alteration does not change the benefits or chemical characteristics of howlite.

Red Color Symbolism

The red howlite in this collection is color enhanced from its original white hue to this vibrant red. The color red has many symbolisms and can be worn to  suggest or harness these energies when desired by the wearer. Red may suggest passion, vigor, health, courage, love and strong life force.