Green/Pink Unakite crystal skull paperweight Objet d'art BOYBEADS

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Beautiful natural stone carved skull for display in your home or for use as a fabulous paperweight. Each skull is unique and irreplaceable as no two stones are exactly alike. For centuries, the skull has served as a gentle reminder of the brevity of human life in comparison to eternity. We will not live forever, so we must remember to enjoy the gift of life each day. Skulls are not used to arouse fear or evil- rather, as a token of respect for human life and of remembrance of those no longer among the living.



This skull us carved from a rare stone named Unakite that only forms in areas of Africa, India and Australia. It is believed to assist in renewing physical and emotional states after stress or exhaustion. It provides balance to the mind and body and is often worn to tackle depression.


Renew green unakite bracelet sold separately. Not included in this listing.

*Only one available.