"Gihan" BOYBEADS 10MM Green Unakite Steel OM bead bracelet wristband for guys

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Gihan is down to earth and makes people feel comfortable in his presence. He is kind and generous with his time and resources and finds great pleasure in conversing with new people. Because Gihan enjoys learning about different cultures, languages and social norms, he travels the world extensively.


Unakite is a rare stone that only forms in areas of Africa, India and Australia. It is believed to assist in renewing physical and emotional states after stress or exhaustion. It provides balance to the mind and body and is often worn to tackle depression. This stone is great when worn in the form of a bracelet, as it allows the stone direct contact with the skin.

Hematite: Grounding and securing.

Chakra: Root

Materials: Made to order in New York with 10mm Unakite, silver hematite, stainless steel Om bead and spacers, optional logo