"Garrett" BOYBEADS 10MM goldstone beaded bracelet for guys

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Garrett is a natural star seed who ignites the fire in everyone fortunate enough to encounter him. Garrett strongly believes in sharing good vibes and spreading the love with those he connects with throughout his journey. Find him at a museum chatting with tourists about the artifacts.

Materials: Made to order in our NYC studio with 10mm goldstone, silver hematite

Goldstone is not actually a naturally occurring stone at all. It is created in a laboratory by blending together quartz with sand glass and tiny specks of copper. It is the copper addition that gives goldstone its shimmery star-like appearance. Many people believe that goldstone was first made in 17th century  Italy, but it was developed much earlier by monks attempting to transform copper into gold, hence the specks of copper in goldstone. 

Goldstone is a stone of ambition, confidence, empowerment and light. Goldstone helps create balance in the sacral chakra- the energetic center for creativity and insight.

Wear goldstone jewelry to boost your self-esteem and confidence as you propel yourself forward towards achieving your ultimate goals in life. Glancing down at your goldstone bracelet will remind you that you were born a star and you already possess all the tools you need to reach your goals. 

Charka: Sacral, Root

Energy: Light; confidence; ambition; empowerment; self-esteem

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