"Fremont" BOYBEADS 8mm Purple Amethyst, Tiger Eye Bracelet Gift for Men


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Fremont enjoys every day of his life and sees the world as his playground. Maybe he will go to work today or maybe he will set up an impromptu picnic in the park with friends. Fremont does not like rules and regulations and will buck against authority when he feels his freedoms are threatened. He wants to live his life by his own design and will do so at any cost. Don't get in his way!

Are you Fremont?


Made with 8mm amethyst, 8mm tiger eye, stainless steel accent.

Amethyst was worn by ancient Greeks for protection from drunkenness, evil thoughts, homesickness and dark magic. Some people prefer wearing amethyst for meditation and even place stones under their pillows to prevent nightmares. 

Zodiac: Pisces- Amethyst brings clarity to the unconscious and conscious mind of Pisces.

Chakra: Crown- increases confidence and concentration, especially during meditation.

Hematite is mineral iron oxide that is worn for protection, grounding and absorbing negative energy from the body. It helps relieve stress.

Chakra: Root


Tiger's Eye is a member of the quartz family and is a protective stone carried as a talisman against ill wishes. It grounds and facilitates manifestation of the will and balances yin and yang energies.


Chakra: Solar Plexus


Zodiac: Capricorn


Planet: Sun