"Fabian" BOYBEADS 10mm rutilated quartz/ tourmaline, onyx, hematite beaded bracelet for men

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You will immediately know that Fabian is well heeled at first sight. Fabian has a certain disposition that people recognize and love! They want to get close to Fabian in hopes of being invited to his fancy loft where he entertains his favorite guests. His parties are talked about for year and years, as no expense is spared. Once, Fabian's swag bag included tickets to the Super Bowl. Yes, Fabian has a private suite to view the game.

Rutilated quartz is an energizing stone that helps move energy. It assists with mental focus and relieves loneliness and depression. It brings balance to relationships and slows down the aging process. Though general quartz is not rare, this variety of rutile inclusions is very unique. 

Made to order in New York with 10mm black onyx, silver hematite, natural rutilated quartz gemstone with little "needles" of black/gray rutile, optional logo.