"Eye of Providence" 6mm Faceted Black Tourmaline Eye of Protection Beaded Bracelet by BOYBEADS

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All Seeing Eye of Protection/Providence is worn for spiritual protection and intuition. It is believed to shield you from anyone (enemy) wishing ill on your life and send the negative energy back to the source and away from you.

Tourmaline means "different stone" and this stone is quite different from all the rest. Tourmaline exists in many different colors, but black or "schorl" tourmaline is very special because is protects against high radiation and is a purifier and chakra cleanser.


This stone is so special because it is universal in learning and protecting for all zodiac signs and benefits all chakras.

Color: Black (schorl:

Chakra: Root

Materials: 6mm faceted black tourmaline, .925 sterling silver eye (not plated), silver hematite