"Enoch" 6mm/8mm/10mm BOYBEADS Natural Blue Lapis Lazuli + Picture Jasper Bead Bracelet for Men


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Enoch is a man on a divine mission. It is imperative that he isn't distracted from his long-term goals of peace, joy and prosperity. Enoch doesn't mind working hard for the things he wants. He lives a full life and balances work and play. Are you Enoch?


This bracelet is made with lapis lazuli and picture jasper. Though quite different, they fit together so well on a bracelet. Enoch is available in sizes 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Handmade in USA with natural blue lapis lazuli with beautiful calcite (white) and pyrite (gold)inclusions. Lapis lazuli is among the most prized of all semi-precious gemstones. This lapis has unique patterns of natural gold (pyrite) and white (calcite) specs of stone throughout in random formations making every bead and bracelet completely unique and special.

It is a mineral combination of lazurite, calcite, sodalite and pyrite. This luxurious blue stone from Afghanistan stimulates enlightenment while releasing stress and bringing deep inner peace. Lapis harmonizes the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. It encourages self-awareness, creativity and self-expression. Lapis bonds relationships and is believed to alleviate migraines and depression.