"Edgar + Adonis Black Obsidian" BOYBEADS Duo, Lava Bracelet for Men NYC


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Set of 2 Bracelets offered at 20% off retail price when purchased together.

Edgar is the big boss and he makes sure everyone knows that. Edgar enjoys his position of power and likes giving orders to his subordinates. He was born to rule kingdoms and thats made vividly apparent by his prideful stride. Are you Edgar?


10mm Matte and Polished Black Obsidian, stainless steel crowned lion, Lava


Adonis won't pretend his isn't beautiful to spare your insecurities. Sure, he may have been born with his good looks, but he works tirelessly to keep up appearances. Adonis works out daily, follows a strict diet and sunbathes regularly to strengthen his melanin. Are you Adonis?


Made 10mm natural polished and matte black obsidian, gray hematite and lava beads.  Handmade to order in USA.

Chakra: Root