"Dominic" BOYBEADS 10mm Dalmatian jasper beaded bracelet for men

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"Dominic" BOYBEADS 10mm Dalmatian jasper beaded bracelet for men

Dominic is living life in the fast lane, and he doesn't even realize it. He's a Gen-Z who has grown up with access to more information than his brain could ever absorb. His smartphone is his best friend, so he constantly uses it to expand his understanding of the world around him. Dominic reads more than most graduate students, although he is only 14. Adults think of him as just another kid, but Dominic laughs internally at their ignorance.

Made to order in our New York studio with 10mm Dalmatian, single mahogany wood bead for grounding.

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Gemini

Energy:  Great for calming overly analytical minds. Strengthens friendships and relationships. Security. Balancing; stabilizes emotions. Grounding. Safety. 

Location: Mexico

Color: Beige with random black/brown inclusions of tourmaline stone. Optional goldtone logo.

Read more about Dalmatian stone here.