"Dexter Matte" BOYBEADS NYC Mens Handmade 10mm Natural brown Bronzite Gemstone Bracelet

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Dexter is a real diamond in the rough. He is one of those guys who often gets overlooked because he isn't a big show-off and he tends to keep a low profile. The girl who chances upon him will be beyond pleased, as he is a gentleman with much charm and charisma when around members of his inner circle. Are you Dexter?

Made to order in NYC with natural 10mm brown matte bronzite gemstone, single mahogany wood bead.

This Brazilian beauty was worn by Greeks and Romans to protect against mental illness. Today, bronzite is prized for healing psychological trauma and depression.

Bronzite is also believed to increase self-esteem, masculinity and decisiveness. Stock photo shows 10mm beads with silver tone logo.