"Devin" 10mm Lapis Lazuli, Matte Onyx Custom Mens Beaded Necklace

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Devin is stylish and dapper, yet he maintains a low profile and does not call too much attention to himself. Devin remains boyish and vibrant even though he's well into adulthood. He will never lose his sense of humor and zest for life.

This necklace is designed to express the duality of humanity in that we each have tendencies that are good and bad. However, we must strive to find balance in life and learn from our experiences. You may align the beads of the necklace around your neck in three different positions to express your current mood. Each 10mm bead of this necklace was threaded by hand on heavy duty black silk for ultimate flexibility and longevity. This necklace can be bent much more than our wire necklaces, making it great for guys who like to travel with their jewelry. Each side measures 17 inches for a total length of 34 inches.


If you can only buy one bracelet in your lifetime, I would recommend one made with lapis lazuli because this stone has such a powerful positive energetic impact on the owner! Lapis lazuli is among the most prized semi-precious natural stones mostly found in Afghanistan. It is a mineral combination of lazurite, calcite, sodalite and pyrite. This luxurious blue stone from Afghanistan stimulates enlightenment while releasing stress and bringing deep inner peace. Lapis harmonizes the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. It encourages self-awareness, creativity and self-expression. Lapis bonds relationships and is believed to alleviate migraines and depression.

Chakra: Activates third eye; balances throat chakra.

Learn much more about lapis lazuli from Crystal Vaults.*Made in New York, NY. Limited edition.