"Dennison" BOYBEADS 8mm or 10mm bronzite stainless steel handmade beaded bracelet for guys


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Dennison is ready for anything with a great attitude! Find Dennis at the park jogging to stay at a peak level of fitness. He enjoys doing anything productive.

Bronzite is a natural crystal composed of magnesium, iron, silicon and oxygen. This Brazilian beauty is often found in meteorites and was worn by Greeks and Romans to protect against mental illness. Today, bronzite is prized for healing psychological trauma and depression.

Bronzite is also believed to increase self-esteem, masculinity and decisiveness.`

Chakra: Third eye, Solar Plexus

Zodiac: All

Each bracelet is made to order in our USA studio with 8mm or 10mm natural bronzite and stainless steel accent.

*Photo shows bracelet made with 8mm beads.