"Cornell Gold" 8mm Black Onyx, Lava, Gold Hematite Mens Bead Bracelet


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Cornell is more than a little conceited, but rightfully so, some believe. He is visually appealing to say the least. Cornell's attempts at being humble are laughable- he is an egomaniac, and people can recognize it immediately. Cornell spends hours every morning on grooming, working out and perfecting his appearance.

He can be very annoying to those who spend any considerable amount of time in his presence. Surprisingly, people still like Cornell because he's so attractive. But are his good looks enough to keep them around for long? Time will surely tell.


8mm matte black obsidian beads, polished black obsidian beads, black volcanic lava rock beads, gold plated hematite beads. Made by hand in USA with all natural stones and securely sealed on professional grade stretch string.