"Colter" BOYBEADS Spring 2023 10mm pink gray black zebra jasper bead bracelet wristband for guys beads


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Who is Colter?

Colter lives for the moment in every moment. He often makes rash decisions before thinking things through and finds himself regretful later. You may find him out partying, shopping, or catching flights all summer...Colter is aware of his issues but not completely sure what to do about them. Are you Colter?


Made to order in USA with 10mm pink, beige, gray and black zebra jasper beads. These beads are semi-glossy but will grow more matte with a few wears. This is a natural quality of jasper beads and should not cause concern. Applying your favorite oil to your jasper beads by rubbing a small amount into your fingers will restore the shine to your jasper bracelet.

About pink/black/beige zebra jasper: Protects from physical and spiritual harm; grounding and nurturing

Energy: Uplifting; brings balance and positivity