"Chuck" BOYBEADS 10mm Burgundy Garnet, Hematite, Turquoise, Bracelet Gift for Men

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Chuck is full of so many ideas that he keeps a journal with him at all times so that he can write them all down. Great ideas come to him randomly throughout the day. He knows a little bit about everything and always has some useful information to contribute to any conversation. But be careful- when Chuck gets started talking, he can go for hours. Grab a seat and put on the coffee.



Chakra: Root, Heart

Birthstone: January; 2nd marriage anniversary

Energy: Vitality, regeneration, energizing, protection from evil. Often worn to honor Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of War.

Location: South Africa, Madagascar

Color: Dark burgundy/red.

Turquoise is a protective stone of tranquility that has been highly valued by jewelers and energy healers for centuries. It is the stone of friendship and makes a great peace offering.

Hematite is mineral iron oxide that is worn for protection, grounding and absorbing negative energy from the body. It helps relieve stress.

Chakra: Root

Limited Edition.