"Capricorn Energy" 12/22-1/19 Zodiac Citrine, Garnet Custom Multi-Crystal bead bracelet guys


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Capricorn- December 22- January 19

Ruling Planet- Saturn

Element- Earth

Quality- Cardinal

Day- Saturday

When I think of Capricorn, these are some of the words that first come to mind: strong, complex, leadership, Big Boss, trustworthy, longevity, rulership, authority, ownership, separation, traditional.

I think of Capricorn as the big boss. They often have an air of self-importance and a powerful energy field around them. Even if you don't know who they are, you get the feeling they are important people who hold great knowledge, power and influence. They are often simply dressed in traditional attire and don't usually like too many distractions or trinkets. They are here to talk business and get on with their day. Capricorn has a long to-do list and you are only a small part of it. Capricorn wants to get right to the heart of the matter and will not entertain small talk, much like Sagittarius. They can be outright rude if they feel you are wasting their time. To do so is an offense of the utmost gravity. 

I love that Capricorn has a clear vision of where he wants to go in life and is not easily distracted. Capricorn stays up late studying and wakes up early ready to ace the test every time. They are consistent, patient and more than willing to wait you out in order to get whatever it is they are after. Capricorn is not here for a cheap thrill- they are all about winning the long game and building generational power and wealth.

Capricorn may be tempted to take advantage of those he considers weak, ignorant or disposable. He feels that the world needs order, and while some people are destined to rule, others are destined to be ruled. If out of balance, he may be ruthless, cold-hearted and dangerous! Be very afraid of the imbalanced Capricorn. You may find yourself being served for dinner. I am so intrigued by Capricorn people and learn so much from observing them. 

Capricorn teaches us the importance of self-reliance. They do not depend on others to do what they can do for themselves. Capricorn expects nothing from the world and is happy to do the work to reach their goals. In fact, I sometimes think they enjoy the struggle to power and the gratifying reward of sweet success at long last. They take pride in working long hours, research, networking, business travel, wealth building, etc. Life almost seems like a game to them and they know how to win. I love you Capricorn and I value the gifts you contribute to the world. Happy birthday to you!

You don’t have to be born under the sign of Capricorn to tap into the energy of those who are. Check your birth chart to see where you have Capricorn energy. If you find yourself needing to strengthen your boss vibes, wear your Capricorn energy bracelet to strengthen your own connection to these qualities and energies within you. 

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Burgundy Garnet- helps Capricorn relinquish some of the control and be more agreeable in business and in his personal life

Black Onyx- helps Capricorn increase wisdom and serenity. It strengthens their responsibility and helps him see conflicts early on

Citrine- strengthens Capricorn's aura and increases self-confidence and warm-heartedness. It helps him to find inner peace and believe in the good things in life after times of difficulty

Carnelian- helps Capricorn to persevere in hard times; It provides encouragement and motivation reminiscent of the fiery red/orange setting sun

Gold Brass/Hematite- reminds Capricorn that he is the big boss and that it's okay to desire wealth and power