"Breath of Life Necklace Kit" Mens 8mm Black Onyx, Brass, Steel Necklace by BOYBEADS NYC

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"Isaiah Gold Kit" Mens 8mm Black Onyx, Brass, Steel Necklace by BOYBEADS NYC (IsaiahGoldKit)

Our Breath of Life Necklace Kit includes the Isaiah necklace and three pendants that pay homage to Egyptian culture.

Isaiah is the most honest, loyal and faithful person anyone could ever befriend. He has a positive contribution to every conversation and kind words to share about every person he knows. Isaiah is a firm believer in the law of attraction and has mastered the skill of attracting positive and successful people into his life.



8mm polished black onyx, 8mm natural volcanic lava stones, gold plated brass, gold plated sterling silver lobster clasp, 49 strand jewelers steel wire (can withstand 40 pounds of weight or force) 

Each pendant measures 3 inches tall, including bale, and can be removed from the necklace and interchanged. These pendants are 316L stainless steel with gold plating.


Measures 25 inches long but can be ordered in multiple lengths. This necklace can be pulled over most heads without being unhooked. This necklace can be purchased alone or with any of the pendants in the photos.

*Stock photo shows 29 inch Isaiah necklace. Ships the view-top box as photographed for safe storage.