"Braxton" BOYBEADS 10mm Purple Dogtooth Amethyst, Hematite Bracelet Gift for Men

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Braxton is literally great at everything- and without much effort. He is a fast learner who delves into new areas of life at will. He can re-build a car engine without trouble or he can write a novel that will hold your attention until completion. There is nothing Braxton can't learn. Don't ever compete with him; you'll lose.

Chevron/Dogtooth Amethyst is a combination of white quartz and amethyst. It created a beautiful beige/purple mixture that is unlike any other natural stone. It is a spiritual stone of wisdom, serenity and self-discovery.

Chakra: Third Eye

Hematite is mineral iron oxide that is worn for protection, grounding and absorbing negative energy from the body. It helps relieve stress.

Chakra: Root