"Brad" BOYBEADS 10mm Purple Chevron Amethyst, Silver Hematite Bracelet Gift for Men

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Brad is so much fun to be around that everyone flocks to him. He likes to entertain and throws a lot of parties at his place. Brad pop bottles, has photoshoots, and celebrity guests to wow his friends. Don't get on his bad side, or find yourself uninvited to the next shindig. 

Chevron/Dogtooth Amethyst is a combination of white quartz and amethyst. It created a beautiful beige/purple mixture that is unlike any other natural stone. It is a spiritual stone of wisdom, serenity and self-discovery.

Chakra: Third Eye

Hematite is mineral iron oxide that is worn for protection, grounding and absorbing negative energy from the body. It helps relieve stress.

Chakra: Root