BOYBEADS "Vincent" 10mm Royal Blue Jade bead bracelet

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Vincent is a wild card. You never know to expect from him, so don't bother trying to figure him out. Vincent has changed careers 5 times and is now starting a non-profit to save the bumblebees. He will soon bore of the project and do something else.

Jade is a calming stone that recharges the energy and promotes love. The most valuable Jade is in the green hue range and is highly collectible. Because of it's chemical composition, jade is a great stone to dye to create beautifully colored stones that do not occur naturally. Most of our colorful jade beads have been color enhanced (dyed) to achieve the stunning pastels in our Easter collection.

Hematite is grounding and supports the root charka.

Made to order in NYC with 10mm natural blue dyed jade beads, single silver hematite bead, optional logo.