BOYBEADS "Nathan" 12mm Black Agate, Wood, Ankh Cross Mens Bead Bracelet for Guys

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Nathan may be a city boy, but he's rough and rugged. Nathan likes to get dirty in the trenches, but he cleans up very nicely. He's a jack of all trades and knows how to do everything from tuning the piano to appraising art.


Handmade with 12mm faceted (not smooth) black/white agate, wood, brass ankh charm. Each bead is placed onto heavy duty stretchy string and secured carefully for maximum durability. Ships in out BOYBEADS premium black gift box, perfect for gifting.

Wood is worn to promote balance within the body; grounding and supportive.

Charka: Root

Agate is a type of banded chalcedony that occurs naturally in a wide variety of beautiful colors. It is worn for stability and strength of the mind. Helps improve concentration and analytical skills.

*Ankh Charm is optional; This bracelet can be made with beads only if selected from the multiple choice menu on this page. The ankh charm and hematite spacers will be removed, if selected.