BOYBEADS "Melvin" natural 10mm green/blue azurite, black onyx, lava skull beaded bracelet for guys

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Melvin is a young old soul who enjoys quiet time alone at home. Although he works in the city, Melvin lives in a very private home in the country. He spends most evenings in his study learning as much as he can learn about absolutely everything imaginable. Melvin has the answer to any question you could possibly ask. But don't be fooled; whenever he's had enough reading and needs a break, Melvin turns things up and parties all weekend like a rockstar.

For centuries, the skull has served as a gentle reminder of the brevity of human life in comparison to eternity. It is not used to cause fear or evil- rather, as a token of respect for human life and of remembrance of those no longer among the living. Strung on high quality stretch string and securely sealed. 


Azurite- This  copper carbonate blue/green stone resembles the planet Earth and is a wonderful conductor of energy. Keep your vibration high! 

Properties: Calming; healing; energy conductor; Love

Lava- Rebirth; fertility; grounding

Handmade in USA. Made with 10mm azurite, lava, polished black onyx, and silver-plated metal skull bead, optional logo. 

Limited Edition available February 2018 only.