BOYBEADS "Dave" 8 or 10mm Natural Black Volcanic Rock/Lava Beads stretch bracelet for guys

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Dave is naturally charming and always says the right things. His suave manner gets him major perks everywhere he goes. Free upgrades at the airport, extra shrimp at dinner, and his barista always gives him a grande when he orders a tall. He has no enemies because he's just too cool for anyone to hate. Are you Dave?

About Lava

This is an amazing and very unique bead- one of the most striking I have ever seen! It has a smooth surface, although it looks coarse. This is volcanic rock that has hardened and been professionally cut into imperfect round shapes. Each bead is vastly different. Some may appear to have holes or imperfections, but this is simply the nature of the rock. These beads will never be perfectly round or have a smooth surface.

Made to order in NYC with 8mm or 10mm lava rock.

Chakra: Root

Energy: Grounding; Promotes fertility