BOYBEADS "Ask Buddha Set" 8mm Blue Tiger's Eye, hematite, onyx bead mens bracelet

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Ask Buddha is perfect for meditation or as your good luck charm. Let this custom bracelet set be your constant reminder that your steps are divinely guided. Let it be your goal to act with courage, dignity and integrity as you go about your life. You do not have to be a practicing Buddhist to enjoy the energy that Buddha represents.

*Set of two bracelets.


Made to order in NYC with stainless steel buddha head and spacers, 8mm blue tiger's eye, black onyx, hematite accent beads, optional logo. Stainless steel does not lose it's color or luster and does not need polishing. It is a very low maintenance and high quality metal.

Blue tiger eye is believed to reduce stress and calm the nerves. It is primarily found in Brazil and Canada. It also has the properties of brown tiger eye- protection, especially during travel by plane.

Chakra: Third Eye; Throat