BOYBEADS "Adam" 10mm red howlite, gold hematite CZ Crown bead bracelet for men

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Adam is a true humanitarian. He was born into a situation of great privilege and dedicates his life to sharing the wealth with the world. Adam lives by the mantra "To whom much is given, much is required". He is adored by all and keeps a busy social schedule.


Handmade with 10mm red howlite, black onyx, gold hematite, Brass crown with pave CZ crystals. Two 12mm beads surrounding crown (tiger's eye/black onyx). Each bead is placed onto heavy duty stretchy string and secured carefully for maximum durability. Ships in out BOYBEADS premium black gift box, perfect for gifting.

Howlite is a natural stone found in USA and Canada primarily known for its calming properties. It is used to decrease stress, anxiety and anger. It appears white and has random inclusions of silver/gray. This bracelet is made with natural howlite that has been color enhanced (dyed) to a vibrant red hue.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is worn to ward off negative energy and expel negative thoughts and emotions from the body. 

Chakra: Root